What we do

Software and Database Development

First and foremost, we build software. Whether you need custom programs, help configuring off-the-shelf applications, data analysis and design, or even office automation, we'll build it.

Custom software

We have more experience with Microsoft's .NET platform than almost anyone else. We use it to develop robust, powerful, object-oriented applications from scratch.

Well, almost from scratch. We have a secret weapon: the Inner Drive Extensible Architecture™—the Idea™—a library of objects and systems that we use in every application we build. We've spent over twelve years developing it, testing it, and testing it again, to make sure we can construct applications for you swiftly and reliably. It's like getting $250,000 of free software with every purchase.

We also use software-industry best practices to deliver working, usable software economically even with rapidly-changing needs and business environments.

We've got a few IDEA™ demonstrations in this website. Check out our handy measurement converter, which demonstrates the simplicity and power of the architecture. It took us years to develop the framework running under the demo, but only a few hours to build the demo itself.


One of the toughest problems any organization has to solve is what to do with all the data it collects. You have customers, subscribers, staff members, campaigns—you name it, you've got it, and the problem of keeping it all together can quickly grow so much that it interferes with your work. We can show you how to get on top of it all, and even show you some new ways of using what you already have.

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