Purveyors of fine, hand-crafted computer software.

What we do

We create custom software for customers of all sizes, using industry best practices and producing only the highest-quality results. From New Hampshire to California, and for companies of ten to companies of ten thousand, we work tirelessly to solve the problems facing businesses and not-for-profit organizations alike.

Who we are

Inner Drive Technology is owned and operated by veteran software developer David Braverman. He has 30+ years of professional software development experience, plus an MBA from Duke University.


This site shows how the Inner Drive Extensible Architecture™—the Idea™ can make software development a lot easier for you. Check out our real-time weather application, developed entirely in C# 11 and .NET 7. You can also play around with our demo pages and browse through the SDK documentation, which gives a programmer's-eye view of how it works.

The Inner Drive Extensible Architecture™—the Idea™ includes .NET 7 class libraries that handle:

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