Recent projects

We excel in providing expert services to help solve difficult problems. Here are a couple of examples:

Vendor troubles

A long-time client of ours commissoned custom application develoment from another vendor. As the project's deadline approached, it became clear that the vendor could not deliver the project as specified. Their relationship became tense, the defect list grew to dozens of pages, the vendor stopped work.

Not wanting to lose their investment, our client called us in to get the project moving again. We first instituted some industry best practices by putting the project under version control, putting the defect list into a shared space that gave them total visibility over the project, and creating a "staging" application so the client could test changes without using live data.

We worked with the original vendor and got them to agree to the new practices. We also did a thorough code review with the client and got them to see how some inexpensive changes to the application will make it more secure and robust. So far, the project is nearly back on track, with Inner Drive and the original vendor working in parallel to provide the functionality the client needs to run their business.

Litigation support

Inner Drive Technology recently assisted two law firms and an accounting firm in determining the actual and potential financial losses suffered by a class of nearly 400,000 plaintiffs against a major insurance company. We advised the lawyers exactly what data the defendant needed to provide, then analyzed the multiple revisions sent in response. Documenting everything thoroughly, we then wrote a small but comprehensive C# application to perform the nearly one billion individual calculations required to determine exactly how much was currently owed to each member of the class, and how much was likely to be owed at several points in the future.

The entire project took less than 100 hours of software development time, but our careful planning and effective procedures allowed us to respond overnight to new data formats and new requests from the attorneys. They went into the first settlement conference armed with tools so powerful, the defendant—a multi-billion dollar corporation represented by one of the most respected law firms in the world—gave them a favorable deal in one meeting.

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