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MileNautical Class

Represents a nautical mile, a unit of Length in the English System approximately equal to 6,072 feet.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  InnerDrive.Quantitative.Units
Assembly:  InnerDrive.Quantitative (in InnerDrive.Quantitative.dll) Version: 4.0.7515.0
public class MileNautical : Unit

The MileNautical type exposes the following members.

Public methodMileNautical
Creates a new instance of MileNautical.
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Gets the Type of measurement that this Unit applies to.
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Public propertyBaseFormat
Gets the default format for displaying quantities of the unit.
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Public propertyConversions
Provides the list of conversion factors for this Unit to the ConversionCache.
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Public propertyDimensions
Gets the number of dimensions this Unit represents.
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Public propertyName
Gets the name of the Unit.
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Public propertyNamePlural
Gets the name of the Unit when it represents any quantity other than 1.
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Public propertySymbol
Gets the symbol or abbreviation of the Unit.
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Protected methodCreateConversionList
When implemented in derived classes, causes the Unit to assemble its list of conversion factors to other units.
(Overrides UnitCreateConversionList.)
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This class represents the international nautical mile, which is defined as exactly 1852 meter. This is slightly shorter than the traditional nautical mile of 6072 feet.

Because conversions between measurements rely on matching the measurement units rather than converting through an intermediary unit, this implementation of nautical mile fudges the relationship between survey feet and international feet by specifying a factor of 6,072 feet, 2,024 yards, and 1.15 statute miles to one nautical mile. Strictly speaking this is not accurate; however, conversions between these measurments and International System measurements will be correct independently of the implied relationship. Three-way tests—converting MileNautical to Foot to Meter—will probably be off by around 3 mm per nautical mile.

For example, converting 1 nautical mile to Mile will return 1.15, which is correct. And converting 1 nautical mile to Meter will return 1852, which is also correct. But converting 1.15 miles to meters will will return 1850.7456, which, while truly equal to one nautical mile, will not convert directly back into statute miles.

A similar situation exists for the Knot class.

Defined conversions:

Target unitFactor
Foot6 072
Inch72 864
Meter1 852
Yard2 024

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