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InnerDrive.Quantitative Namespace

Contains bases and classes to assist with measurements, conversions of units, and other related applications.
Public classCompoundUnit
Represents an abstract unit of measurement that comprises two other distinct units.
Public classCode exampleConversionCache
Singleton that contains the cache of conversion factors used throughout the Quantitative assembly.
Public classEnglishAttribute
When applied to a Unit, indicates that the unit is part of the English measurement system.
Public classExponentialAttribute
When applied to a Unit, indicates that the unit uses Metric exponents.
Public classIncompatibleUnitException
Thrown when an attempt is made to convert between two units of measurement that are not compatible.
Public classSystemInternationalAttribute
When applied to a Unit, indicates that the unit is part of the International (S.I.) measurement system.
Public classUnit
Represents an abstract unit of measurement.
Public classUnknownUnit
Represents an unknown or undefined Unit.
Public structureArea
Represents the quantity of a two-dimensional area in space.
Public structureLength
Represents the quantity of a one-dimensional line in space.
Public structureMass
Represents the constant value relating to acceleration and force in a physical object.
Public structurePressure
Represents the force exerted by a fluid over a defined area.
Public structureSpeed
Represents the motion of an object through space over time.
Public structureTemperature
Represents an amount of heat in the environment.
Public structureTime
Represents a discrete interval of time.
Public structureVolume
Represents the displacement of an object in three-dimensional space.
Public interfaceIConvertibleT
Defines the behavior of a class that can be converted from one Unit to another.
Public interfaceIMeasurable
Defines the behaviors of measurement, such as Length or Volume.
Public enumerationMetricExponent
Enumerates the 20 International System prefixes used to form decimal multiples and submultiples of International System units