The Inner Drive Extensible Architecture™—the Idea™

Almost every software application needs a similar set of services. The Microsoft .NET Framework provides the low-level support an enterprise needs to build great software. We've extended it, to provide the rest.

The Inner Drive Extensible Architecture™—the Idea™—allows us to design software solutions to meet your needs faster and more reliably than ever before. We've spent over eight years developing it, testing it, and testing it again, to make sure we can construct applications for you swiftly and reliably. It's like getting $150,000 of free software with every purchase.


We have a few examples from the Idea running on this site; more are coming soon:


The Inner Drive Extensible Architecture™ is free to use during development. If you want to use the IDEA™ in a production environment, the following charges will apply per year in order to fully license the software:

Use Annual subscription (US$)
Physical data center, per production instance $195
Cloud VM (IaaS), per production instance $195
Cloud service (PaaS), per application $395
Development, test, and offline staging instances free

Please send feedback to arrange for your commercial license or to enquire about other license arrangements.


A Software Developer Kit (SDK) is available at This is a living product SDK subject to change at any point.

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